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Go for a modern and cheerful look for your presentation with this free template. It transmits joy and energy to your audience and it's 100% customizable.
Design your pro presentation in minutes with this simple Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme. Use this premium design 100% customizable
If you want to achieve a bold and modern look you should choose this free presentation template. The design is really simple, using only black and yellow, but it will work great with any color, especially if you choose fluorescent ones (green, cyan, fucsia...).
Create a modern Powerpoint or GoogleSlides presentation with this free template and save time. All elements, colors, photos and slides are customizable.
Create your next presentation on nature with this environmental-themed free template. With beautiful watercolor backgrounds and green/blue color palette.
A presentation template with beautiful hand drawn wild flora decoration. Use it to talk about nature, gardening, botanics or organic cosmetics
100% template for Google Slides and Powerpoint to use in your presentations. Illustrated with stars, planets and astronaut. Perfect for a children's audience.
A perfect template for corporate presentations. Professional design with rounded corners and photo backgrounds. 100% customizable and free for any use.
A clean design to highlight your content in your medical presentation. Blue conveys the trust and professionalism associated with the health profession.
Use this artsy design to make a creative presentation. Customize the backgrounds with your own colors or photos to convey your own style. Free for any use.
Use this fresh & simple Powerpoint template or Google Slides theme and have your deck ready in minutes. Lots of layouts and materials included.
Personal Google slides Presentation template for your next presentation. A professional set of slides to run an amazing presentation.
This playful and colorful presentation template mimics a sheet of paper. You can use it in education, to present lessons or a creative project in your class, although it's also suitable for conferences
This template is specifically designed for presenting data results or statistics. Use the many slide layouts provided to show your numbers without boring the audience. Whether you work at a startup, a big company or an agency, this theme will help you present your statistical reports and data in style.
Use this presentation theme to celebrate Chinese New Year 2020. This is a design loaded with symbolism that uses red & gold colors. 100% customizable.
Use this technology powerpoint template to talk about consulting, IT, internet, software... 100% customizable, have your presentation ready in minutes!
Choose this template with vintage maps as backgrounds, and your Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation will stand out. With lots of slide layouts.
A multi-purpose presentation template to help you communicate your ideas. With illustrated scenes of people at work and neutral colors. Fully customizable.
Make a professional Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation with this clean, minimalist design. Lots of customizable slide layouts to choose from.
Download this Halloween free template (for Powerpoint and Google Slides) and make your presentation unique. Get your spook on this Halloween!
Yellow template with creative design and hand drawn scribbles. Finish your Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation fast by choosing the layouts that fit your content best.
Enjoy this fun template with dinosaur cartoons. Colorful and charming, this design has got everything you need to create a wonderful, engaging presentation.
Present your slides with balanced grace with this elegant Powerpoint template and Google Slides theme. Premium free design with all elements customizable.
This is a great template if you want your audience to focus on great content without "graphic" distractions. Use it "as is" if you need an elegant and stylish design, or choose a single vivid color to emphasize some words and graphs to make it bolder and modern.
Create a Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation fast with this modern free template. Perfect design to talk about trends, music or videogames
A clean design to highlight your content in your medical presentation. Blue conveys the trust and professionalism associated with the health profession.
Create a Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation fast using this free simple template. Background can be set to any color and all elements are editable.
Put together an educational presentation fast with this customizable template. With a sketchnotes style to help your students learn with visual techniques.
This theme showcases an elegant and casual design for your Powerpoint or Google Slides presentations. The shadow effect on the wall gives it a warm, homely feel.
With a bold combination of color and typography, this template is perfect to keep the attention of your audience. The dark background design with a single highlight color makes it easy to adapt it to you brand with just a tint change.
Have a professional presentation ready in minutes with this multipurpose free template. This design features a modern pattern of triangles in warm colors (yellow, orange and red). Thanks to the abstract background it will fit almost any topic: business, marketing, innovation, technology, sciences...
Design a presentation that will meet the latest design trends with this template. With illustrations representing teamwork this theme will fit a keynote on business planning, your next marketing strategy or a new project proposal. Works for Powerpoint/Google Slides and all elements are fully editable.
A template with a bright and bold design. The colorful organic shapes will grab everyone’s attention. All shapes and design elements are editable.
This template has a nature-inspired design with leaves and a green color palette. Green is the color associated with growth, freshness, creativity and thanks to the leaves design you can use this theme for a presentation on environment conservation, green energies, agriculture or even gardening. 100% customizable.
Create a Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation with this free theme. It uses a textured paper background, with ancient to modern constructions illustrations to convey a historical feeling.
Halloween is coming and you can celebrate it with this spooky template for Powerpoint and Google Slides. With a trick or treat illustration in orange color.
Use this template with a sea underwater illustration and your presentations or classes will never be boring again. Completely editable and 100% free.
Engage with your Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation using this photographic theme, perfect for storytelling. 100% customizable template.
Create an engaging presentation effortlessly with this lively template. With an illustrated background that uses an icon pattern this theme will fit a keynote on teamwork, a new project proposal or your next digital strategy. As the icons are semi-transparent they work with any gradient or color background!
Elegant office presentation template Google slides Presentation template for your next office presentation. A professional set of slides to run an amazing presentation
Enjoy this template to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Pig 2019. Use this design that features an illustrated background filled with symbolism as a greeting ecard for your company or to talk about Chinese traditions. 100% Customizable with lots of slide layouts.
Download this Halloween template for Powerpoint & Google Slides and make your presentation stand out. It's designed with the mexican Day of the dead look and feel
This presentation template has a jolly, bold and lively design. It's a great option to enliven the audience and convey a positive and cheerful message.
Use this formal free presentation template to give your content credibility. The scale icon makes it perfect for law firms or legal advisers. Get the trust of the audience with this design.
This presentation template uses a science themed design. The illustrated background with hand drawn icons will make your content stand out.
Spice up your next presentation using this playful free template. The illustrated background shows hand-drawn fruits with spots of color. Use this funny and colorful free theme for presentations on summertime, nutrition, healthy food or agriculture. With several slide layouts and completely editable.
You'll love this blackboard-styled free presentation template. Fonts and icons have a fresh hand-drawn look, and white color makes the content pop against the dark textured background.
Put together an educational presentation fast with this customizable template. With a sketchnotes style to help your students learn with visual techniques.
template with a simple and modern look, and lots of slide layouts to choose from, so you can make a professional Powerpoint or Google Slides presentation in minutes. The circular shapes used give a dynamic appearance. This theme only uses black and white color so it fits any corporate identity. Easy to customize.
A presentation template with fun and lively design. Really easy to use, just change the background color in all the slides to adapt it to your brand.
Celebrate Halloween with this free presentation template. Colorful design, spooky icons and Halloween color palette. It'll make everybody smile (or shake!)
Enjoy this template for your Christmas presentations. Convey the Christmas vibe with red and white colors and ornament photos. 100% customizable.
A simple and elegant free presentation template, beautifully designed for functional presentations. Recommended for fashion or literature related talks, conferences or personal use.
This is a bold, colorful free template design for all types of presentations. Suitable for professional or creative talks, adapt it to your corporate brand by simply changing the background colors.
This presentation template has a cute collection of sketchy borders to add a warm feeling to your decks. The theme is designed with a pastel color palette to convey a sense of tranquillity, but also has a feminine touch. All elements are editable.
This presentation template has a creative design with plants and flowers illustrations in every slide. Perfect for presentations about gardening, cosmetics, fashion or decoration.
This template for your presentations focus on ecology and sustainability concepts. Illustrated with a green city skyline from the near future.