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99Steem is a diverse platform that allows the creators to post all kinds of themes & templates. As a creator, you have the opportunity to Sell WordPress Templates; website templates apart from web templates; creators can also sell themes & templates related to UI/UX designs. A growing category of Mobile app templates allows mobile app developers to sell mobile app templates, whether Android App Templates or IOS Templates. All of these different sorts of themes & templates make 99steem a very diverse platform for its sellers and buyers.

The new sellers are also given an extra helpful marketing push to bring more consumers to their product. All the Sellers are ranked & given equal opportunity to get the attraction of customers.

Become a Seller at 99steem & Start selling themes, Sell templates, Sell graphics, Sell mobile apps, Sell designs & more

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There are 10's of categories & sub categories those you can choose to add items in.

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As a business we understand that having a constant sales flow & customer reach is very important, & with a growing number of traffic & reach of 99steem many sellers are exponentially growing. Selling themes at 99steem has brought many sellers great results & we are recommended by many. With each sale more value is added to your product with customer reviews & feedbacks which makes buying easier for new buyer & helps you as a Seller to Sell More with a great reputation.

You can participate in many categories to build quality content.


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Become a Seller at 99steem & Start selling themes, Sell templates, Sell graphics, Sell mobile apps, Sell designs & more

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Selling Digital Items with 99Steem

One of the biggest advantages of selling with 99Steem is the fact that we have a massive range of categories you can publish your items in.

No matter if you are to sell themes, templates, graphics templates, mobile app templates such as android app templates & IOS app templates or you are into selling animation templates or music you will always find room for your respective industry.

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1 How to sell wordpress themes?

To sell WordPress themes and WordPress templates you will first need to sign up, as you sign up, you will have to go and create your seller profile which will then lead you your items management portal. Here you will be able to list your WordPress templates and themes.

2 Where to sell App Templates?

On 99steem selling an app, the template is as easy as selling any other digital item online to sell your App template all you need to do to create your seller profile and upload your theme files for your mobile app template once the upload is complete the item will be reviewed by the 99steem theme and will be made available for people to buy.

3Can I Sell Graphics Templates?

Graphic templates are pretty popular on 99steem, and a lot of graphic designers are creating graphic related templates. You can make mobile UI templates as well as web UI templates and start selling them on the Marketplace.

4Can I Sell Mobile App Templates for Free?

Yes, if you wish to provide mobile app templates for free, you can list your App templates free on the Marketplace. Please note even on the free app templates you may have to provide support as well.

5What are the payment withdrawal options?

For payment withdrawals seller can use either a bank account or a PayPal. But please note, bank option may not be available for all the countries yet.