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Groomly Men Grooming WordPress Theme


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3 Templates Starter These Templates are highly optimized to helps you build your men’s grooming website easier so you can reach your business goal faster.

252 Section And Page Templates Library Unique section templates are included in Groomly. These section templates are easy to customize to meet your grooming website and you can start creating an amazing page that represents you and your story.

Booking is easy as 1..2..3 Groomly is integrated and optimized with the Salon Booking plugin, a complete and easy to manage appointments booking system to help your business getting more reservations on your website and saving a lot of time with your agenda management tasks.

  1. Booking Rules Full control over the ways and timing the online reservations can be made by your customers to fully​ represent your business timetable in real life.
  • Online available weekdays
  • Holidays rules
  • Bookings cancellation
  • Bookings offset
  1. Style Full control over the look and feel of the booking form to perfectly match with your website design.
  • Multiple Layouts
  • Custom Color Combination
  1. Assistants A set of options to better manage your staff members inside your booking system.
  • Filter assistants by skills
  • Assistant selection and multiple assistant selections​
  1. Services A set of options to better manage your staff members inside your booking system.
  • Grouping by category
  • Online booking availability & Holidays rules
  • Drag&Drop ordering
  1. Customers Keep track of your customer's​ personal details and their booking history in order to identify habits and feedbacks​ with your shop.
  • Front-end personal account page
  • Customer personal details
  • Feed backs submission
  • Reservations history and main stats
  1. Notifications & Followups Salon Booking has​ implemented a complete notification system that use email and SMS to better communicate with your staff and customers.
  • New reservations email and SMS notification
  • Email and SMS follow-up
  • Upcoming reservation email and SMS reminder
  • Anti-spam SMS verification code And more...

Theme Main Features

  1. Live Front-End Page Builder
  2. Gives you the best real-time design experience. Our pro page builder displays an exact preview of content while you edit on-screen elements. You can even preview your content on mobile and tablet devices.
  3. Lightweight Websites Library
  4. High-performance websites library provide you faster page load so you can lower visitor bounce and rank higher in search engine result
  5. Footer Builder
  6. The custom footer builder gives you the flexibility to customize the layout and widgets.
  7. Premium Image Slider
  8. Our premium image slider makes sure that you are capturing the attention of visitors by optimizing the prime real estate above the fold of your site. Groomly provides you over 100 uniquely designed slides ready to be fitted out with your copy and images designed to grab your visitor’s first attention
  9. Bloat Free WordPress Theme
  10. You don’t need tons of pointless features for your project. Bloated WordPress themes could harm your business. Groomly theme take good care of it and you will get a ​more reliable WordPress site as a result
  11. Dedicated One-Click Support
  12. Forget about registering and verifying your purchase before submitting a ticket. By using our theme one-click customer support and documentation, you can reach our dedicated support team and access the knowledge base in just one-click without leaving your WordPress dashboard.
  13. Intuitive Theme Options
  14. Tons of theme options only get you a headache. Groomly is so simple you can customize your site in just seconds
  15. Enhanced Mobile experience
  16. Groomly is highly optimized for smaller screens by implementing​ an adaptive image method to avoid large mobile data transfer so that the total page load time is dramatically reduced and ensure a smooth mobile experience for your visitor
  17. Design System in mind
  18. Groomly is crafted with Design System principles to ensure your WordPress site is scalable without visual clutter

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