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Outstanding Features

Easy to Setup

Setting up your Ecommerce business on all platforms hardly takes a day!

Custom Styling

Once you purchase our script we provide rebranding & customizations!

Mobile Apps

OMG Lancer Ecommerce package comes with Android & IOS apps for your store!

Admin portal

E-commerce Solution comes with a custom admin panel to manage website & apps!


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What Makes Our Ecommerce Solutions Unbeatable

OMG Lancer Ecommerce platform is the only service that offers stores on multiple platforms.

When you are launching something big you need to make sure you get to each and every single customer out there, and so to make sure you do, we offer Web Ecommerce store along with Synchronized custom Android & IOS apps.

  • Ability to post product simultaneously
  • Ability to check orders & update orders
  • Manage everything from custom admin app
  • Process payments offline / Instores

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Our platforms offer three main benefits, a website, mobile apps for Android & IOS, & Admin panel for Web & Mobile for you to manage your platforms simultaniously no matter where you are.

Why Choose us

There is so much value to our products!

  • Cloud Database

    Our platforms are syncronized as the database is hosted over cloud.

  • Mordern Themes & Customizations

    We have tones of options to customize your theme & manage it with minimum supervision.

  • Web & Mobile Admin portal

    Managing products and other content through web & mobile have never been this easy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Once you've make up your mind of buying the Ecommerce solution you will get in contact with us either on live chat or via email or whatsapp. Due to Mobile apps this solution can't be made oneclick solution.

OMG Lancer Ecommerce solution comes with many great features and themes for website and mobile apps.Our Service does come with reskinning that means changing colors and logo of apps to make it look exactly for your brand. However, if you require additional changes or enhancements we can certainly provided that as well with an extra added on cost.

Our E-commerce admin panel offers a great variety of features, CMS's like Shopify & Wordpress are not always upto the standard of the user.Some of these CMS's lack user friendliness others are so limited in terms of the features. Our admin panel has built in free of cost features that allows our customers to get things like statistics, emailing, order invoicing, Live chat etc without any headaches or worries.



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